The short-term effect of Dynamic tape versus the Low-Dye taping technique in plantar fasciitis: a randomized clinical trial (2022)

Castro-Méndez A, Palomo-Toucedo I, Pabón-Carrasco M, Ortiz-Romero M, Fernández-Seguín L

Literatuur type: RCT

Publicatie jaar: 2022


lantar fasciitis is a painful disorder that affects the plantar fascia of the foot, with a multifactorial aetiology. Dorsal flexion deficiency in the ankle is a risk factor for it. The provisional use of taping is described as part of conservative treatment. Dynamic Tape® is a type of tape that, adhered to muscles, allows for potential elastic energy to accumulate and dissipate later, optimizing its function. Therefore, it can offer immediate benefits while the patient awaits definitive treatment depending on the cause.


To verify the effectiveness of Dynamic Tape® and the low-dye taping technique on pain intensity, ankle range of motion, and foot posture index.


A randomised, double-blind clinical trial was conducted. A total of 57 subjects from the Clinical Podiatry Area of the University of Seville (Spain), clinically diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, were randomized into two groups. For one week, in the gastrocnemius-Achilles-plantar system, one group was treated with Dynamic Tape® and another group with low-dye taping. Pain, degrees of movement of dorsal flexion, and the foot posture index were measured in both groups before the intervention and one week after the intervention. A repeated-measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to explore the differences between groups.


Significant differences in the decrease in pain intensity using Dynamic Tape® were found when comparing the treatments (p = 0.015) and the foot posture index was more normal in low-dye taping (p < 0.001). In both cases, the treatment showed similar behaviour with respect to the dorsal flexion ankle movement.


The effectiveness of Dynamic Tape®, compared to that of the low-dye taping, has a major benefit with regard to pain intensity from fasciitis, although it does not produce changes in the ankle range of motion and foot posture index. Consequently, Dynamic Tape® can be considered a taping technique with beneficial effects on pain intensity in the provisional approach to plantar fasciitis.


fasciitis plantar; foot; orthotic tape; pain measurement.

Referenties: Int J Environ Res Public Health 2022 Dec 9;19(24)