The efficacy of Kinesio taping in patients with a low back pain (2002)

Kim CH, Kim AR Kim MI, Kim SH, Yoo HJ, Lee SH

Literatuur type: Case series

Publicatie jaar: 2002

Kinesio taping is a treatment for pain and dysfunction of musculoskeletal system, using tapes which have a similar elasticity to skin. This study was done to find out about the efficacy of kinesio taping on patients with a low back pain.

This study was performed in patients with a non-specific low back pain who had visited the Inchon International Airport Construction Authority Clinic from January 2000 to April 2000. We performed taping to a randomized case group and a placebo to control group during the first 3 days. After the first 3 days, we assessed the changes of improvement in low back pain with visual-analogue pain scale (VAS) . From the second visit on, we also started carrying out kinesio taping in the control group.

The total number of patients participating in this study was 43, but 4 patients did not complete the study stopped. After the first 3 days, control group showed just 0.93 of the VAS score improvement, while randomized case group showed 2.55(p=0.003). The VAS score of case and control group were 3.18 and 3.03 respectively, which showed improvement at the end point of treatment compared with the first score.

Kinesio taping was more efficacious than placebo in patients with a nonspecific low back pain.

Referenties: J Korean Acad Fundam Med.