Short term effects of kinesio taping on pain and functional disability in young females with menstrual low back pain (2016)

Forozeshfarda M, Hoshang Bakhtiaryb A, Aminianfarb A, Sheikhianc S, Akbarzadehc Z

Literatuur type: RCT

Publicatie jaar: 2016

Menstrual low back pain (LBP) in young females can reduce daily activity and cause functional disability, while the progressive application of kinesio-taping (KT) on pain reduction and functional correction has been stated.

This study has been designed to investigate the efficacy of the lumbar vertebral column KT in young female with menstrual LBP.

Thirty-two young females with menstrual LBP participated in this crossover study and were assigned randomly in two separate groups. The first group received KT during their first menstrual cycle and No-KT in their next menstrual, while the other group had no KT during the first mentrual cycle and received KT during the next menstrual cycle. The primary outcome measurements included the visual analogue scale (VAS) of pain, Oswestry disability index and McGill pain questionnaire score which were planned to collect at the end of the third day of the menstrual cycle.

Comparing pain and disability between two conditions, of menstrual cycle with KT and menstrual cycle without KT, revealed significant reduction in VAS (mean change = 1.7; 95%CI = 0.6 to 2.8; P = 0.005), McGill pain score (mean change = 20.1; 95%CI = 8.7 to 31.3; P = 0.001) and functional disability (mean change = 12.3; 95%CI = 7.2 to 17.5;P <0.0001) by using KT during menstrual cycle.

Results showed that KT may effectively reduce pain and disability. The findings may support the clinical application of kinesiotaping in young females with menstrual LBP.

Referenties: Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation