Kinesiotaping – New oppertunities in physiotherapeutic treatment of pregnat woman (2005)

Senderek T, Breitenbach S, Hałas I

Literatuur type: CCT

Publicatie jaar: 2005

The purpose of this study was to present the possibility of using Kinesio Taping as the most appropriate therapeutic method in treatment of pregnant woman.

Material and methods
The paper presents common problems experienced during pregnancy and some possible uses of kinesiotaping in this group of women. Forty eight pregnant woman between 5th and 9th month of pregnacy were examined. The most common complaints were oedema of legs, low back pain and sacroiliac joint problems. Effectiveness of kinesiotaping in relieving pain was assessed with subjective pain scale and degree of oedema was estimated by measurements of leg circumference.

We noted that kinesiotaping is very safe and efficient treatment. We observed an improvement in low back pain problems, but unfortunatly it is difficult to record this in an objective manner. Oedema is easy to assess but its intensity and frequency are subject to personal variability and are increasing in course of pregnancy.

Kinesio Taping is new, effective and easily accepted therapeutic option in physiotherapy of pregnant woman.

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