Immediate effects of kinesiology tape on the pain and gait function in older adults with knee osteoarthritis (2019)

Ji-Su Park, Taehyung Yoon, Sang-Hoon Lee, Na-Kyung Hwang, Jung-Hoon Lee, Young-Jin Jung, Gihyoun Lee

Literatuur type: Case series

Publicatie jaar: 2019


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative disease that not only causes knee pain in older adults, but also has an adverse effect on walking. Therefore, intervention for older patients with OA is important. To investigate the immediate effects of kinesiology taping (KT) on the pain and gait function of the older adults with knee OA.


This study enrolled 10 older adults individuals living in the community who were diagnosed with knee OA. All participants were assessed for knee pain, walking ability, and balance before and after application of knee KT. Knee pain was assessed in resting and walking conditions using the visual analog scale. Walking and balance were assessed using a 10-m walking test and a timed up and go test.


In the present study, KT significantly improved gait and balance with reduction in knee pain during walking than non-KT (P < .05).


This study demonstrated that knee KT has a positive effect on pain reduction and walking and balance ability of the older adults with OA. Therefore, this study suggests that KT can be used as an intervention to relieve knee pain and aid walking and balance ability in the older adult.

Referenties: Clinical Trial Medicine (Baltimore) 2019 Nov;98(45)