Immediate effects of kinesio taping on pain and postural stability in patients with chronic low back pain (2019)

Toprak Celenay S, Ozer Kaya D

Literatuur type: Case series


Postural control of patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP) is usually impaired. Effects of treatment applications on postural stability have not been well investigated. The aim of this study was to investigate the immediate effects of kinesio taping on pain and postural stability in patients with CLBP.


One hundred and one patients with CLBP (age: 53.00 (10.69) years, body mass index (BMI): 31.52 (5.57) kg/m2) were included in this study. Kinesio taping was applied on paravertebral muscles and sacrum with muscle and ligament techniques. Postural stability was assessed with Biodex Balance System® (USA) both at static and dynamic mode in bilateral standing position. The base was set “static” for static mode, and set between”12-1″ for dynamic mode. Pain intensity was evaluated with the pain section (0-5 points) of Oswestry Disability Index, including ten items (pain, personal care, lifting, walking, sitting, standing, sleeping, sex life, social life, travelling), pre- and post-application.


The static overall (pre: 1.49 (1.15), post: 1.25 (1.11)) and antero-posterior (pre: 0.96 (0.86), post: 0.74 (0.59)), dynamic overall (pre: 3.12 (2.26), post: 2.73 (2.44)) and medio-lateral postural sway scores (pre: 1.62 (1.12), post: 1.24 (0.75)), and pain (pre: 2.00 (0.00-5.00), post: 1.00 (0.00-4.00)) decreased after the application (p < .05). However, no differences were observed in static medio-lateral (pre: 0.84 (0.78), post: 0.82 (1.01)) and dynamic antero-posterior postural sway scores (pre: 2.33 (1.99), post: 2.12 (2.33)), (p > .05).


Kinesio taping may immediately improve postural stability and decrease pain of patients with CLBP.

Referenties: J Bodyw Mov Ther. 2019 Jan;23(1):206-210