Effects of proprioceptive sense-based Kinesio taping on walking imbalance (2016)

Park YH PhD, Lee JH PhD

Literatuur type: Case series

Publicatie jaar: 2016

The aim of this study was to determine how application of Kinesio tape to the upper and lower limbs affects walking through stimulation of the proprioceptive sense.

Subjects and Methods
Twelve patients (12) diagnosed with hemiplegia due to stroke were selected as the subjects of the study. To ascertain the effects of Kinesio taping on walking, all subjects performed a straight line walking test three times while barefoot. In terms of the actual taping application, elastic Kinesio tape was used on the hemiplegic side in all subjects.

The results of testing showed a significant difference in the values between before and after taping. In terms of left and right deviation according to the site of the taping application, there were statistically significant differences among the groups.

In conclusion, application of Kinesio taping for central nerve injury was confirmed to be effective in reducing walking deviation.

Referenties: J. Phys. Ther. Sci.