Effects of Kinesio taping and Mcconnell taping on balance and walking speed of hemiplegia patients (2016)

Choi YK, Park YH, Lee JH

Literatuur type: RCT

Publicatie jaar: 2016

The aim of this study was to evaluate the overlap effect of the PNF following the application of Kinesio taping and the McConnell taping, and also the impact of the taping application method on the balance and walking speed of the patients with stroke.

Subjects and Methods
Thirty-six patients who were diagnosed with hemiplegia due to stroke were selected as subjects of this study. They were randomly and evenly divided into experiment group 1 (Kinesio taping group), experiment group 2 (McConnell taping group), and the control group; each group had 12 patients. [Results] The Berg balance scale (BBS) was used to evaluate balance, and the ability in this study. A 10 m walking test (10MWT) was performed to measure the walking speed. Experiment group 1 showed a statistically significant improvement in balance and walking speed compared to experiment group 2, and the control group in week 4 and week 8.

Application of Kinesio taping had a more beneficial effect on the balance and walking speed than joint-fixation taping of the patients with stroke.

Referenties: Journal Physical Therapie Science