Effect of kinesio taping on lower limb joint powers in individuals with genu varum (2018)

Jafarnezhadgero A, Shad MM, Majlesi M, Zago M

Literatuur type: Case series

Publicatie jaar: 2018


Therapeutic lateral knee joint muscle taping potentially offers a low-risk, economical and effective alternative for the clinical treatment of light to moderate knee overload, due to misalignment in patients with genu varum. In this study, we aimed at investigating the immediate effect of lateral knee joint muscular kinesio taping on lower limb joint powers, during the stance phase of walking, in individuals with genu varum.


Fifteen male subjects with genu varum misalignment (age: 24.2±3.7 years) participated in the study. Subjects performed three walking trials without, and three with, biceps femoris and vastus lateralis kinesio taping. The three-dimensional position coordinate data of reflective markers were collected at 100 Hz using a six-cameras Vicon system (Motion Analysis Corp., UK). Additionally, two Kistler force plates (Kistler AG, Winterthur, Switzerland) were used to record the Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) components at 1000 Hz during stance phase of walking. A three-way ANOVA with post-hoc testing (using paired samples Student’s t-test with Bonferroni correction) was performed to compare the power values of lower limb joints before and after the use of KT.


With kinesio taping, we observed that the average negative power increased at the ankle level in dominant limb, (P<0.05, 10-20% of gait cycle, GC), and at the knee level in both limbs (10-20% and 60-80% GC). Further, average negative power of the non-dominant knee joint (80-100% GC) and positive power of the non-dominant hip joint (60-80% GC) significantly reduced (P<0.05) in kinesio taping condition.


The biomechanical analysis of joint power during walking using kinesio taping provided essential information about the possible mechanisms involved in gait analysis with this intervention in adults with genu varus.

Referenties: Journal of bodywork and movement therapies