Does kinesio taping improve on balance and functional performance in older adults (2018)

Saltan A, Baltaci G, Ankarali H

Literatuur type: Pilotstudie

Publicatie jaar: 2018


The foot and ankle are important factors that provide balance and functional performance in older adults at risk of falling. It is important that proper posture of the foot via techniques such as taping and orthoses to increase contact with the ground.


The purpose of this study was to investigate for a two-week period and prolonged effects (fourteen days) of Kinesio tape on the level of functional performance, balance, muscle strength of the lower extremities, pain, and functional independence when Kinesio tape was applied to the foot and ankle of older adults.


Randomized trial. Forty-two older adults aged 65 years, or more were selected randomly into one of two groups (KT: N.=22, control: N.=20). KT was used on the ankle and food of older adults for a two-week period. Participants were evaluated using the Visual Analog Scale, Berg Balance Scale, Timed Up and Go Test, Mini-Mental State Examination, 30-Second Sit to Stand test and Functional Independent Measurement instrument.


A significant difference was found between baseline and following application in the TUG and the BBS scores (P=0.001 and P<0.0001, respectively) in the Kinesio tape group.


Our results show that KT improves balance and functional performance and reduces the risk of falling among older adults.

Referenties: The journal of sports medicine and Physical Fitness